When You Vape, What Do You Listen To?

by Nick Warrender on February 21, 2018

Music is life. Vape is life. So when you are vaping you better be listening to the best music possible. Here is our list, by flavor, of our top music picks. You better have your speakers at the highest volume to go through this list.

#1 - Pineapple Express - Munchi

Teleport yourself to an island...far, far away into a world of big surf and bikini babes, with not a cubicle in site.. Oh, and yes, pineapples, mouthwatering pineapples: flowing with juicy flavor, sweet and tart, as your taste buds transport you to an island bliss. Escape to paradise and find great happiness in this little bottle. 


#2 – Waterfelon - Samurai Del

What makes your mouth water? Delicious watermelon hard candy, sweet and gushing with flavor, so good it should be illegal. Made with the finest ingredients and max VG, enjoy your favorite sweet candy with a smooth finish and a smile on your face, knowing you're vaping on the finest liquids with out of this world flavor.


#3 – Strawberry Feelz - The Brothers Johnson

This little red heart shaped piece of amazing was no accident, and neither was this amazing juice. Delighting your mouth with sweet and tart flavor, reminisce on a perfect summer day as you bite into a fresh strawberry.


#4 – Flamango - Fetty Wap

They say it takes 2 to tango, but it only takes 1 to Flamango. Let this tropical blend take you to your special place, far, far away. Succulent philippine mangos drip majesty on your taste buds. Perfectly blended with melons to create a tropical paradise in your mouth, you won't believe how delicious these massive clouds really are.


#5 – Cloud Cake - Trey Songz

This flavor is so rich and creamy you will immediately feel guilty, like you just faced a whole gallon of cake batter ice cream. But fret not my friend, you're vaping on the finest ingredients this planet earth has to offer. So let the "inner fat kid" out and satisfy that sweet tooth. Jump into the cloud cakes without all the calories or shame!


#6 – AshawnT - Biggie

Every so often, a flavor comes along and changes everything. We have discovered a secret hibiscus raspberry nectar that only hummingbirds can pull from the flowers. Delicious beyond imagination, taste the ambrosia from heaven itself.


#7 – Peaches n’ Cream - Wu-Tang Clan

Peaches are quite the amazing, fuzzy, juicy fruit from God himself. Equipped with whipped cream, you'll think you died and went to heaven, as rich and juicy unite in an epic climax of flavor.


#8 – Strawberries n’ Champagne - Ne-Yo

The taste of sophistication. Luscious strawberries sunken in tart champagne. Tuxedos, little black dresses, chandeliers...the perfect nightcap.


#9 – Da Coco - Happy Colors & Danilo

The flavor in this bottle is so authentic and creamy, you'd think these coconuts came straight from Lanai Hawaii. Freshly cracked and blended with Italian gelato, it's the perfect creamy island creation.


#10 – Y So Cereal? - Kreayshawn

Left over milk from your favorite box of crunch berries cereal. Not many things in this life can bring this type of happiness or nostalgia, welcome back to your childhood. Be fully satisfied with this creamy delight, knowing you're vaping on the finest ingredients this planet has to offer.


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