What Others Are Saying About Selling Lifted Liquids

by Nick Warrender on March 05, 2018

Have you ever thought about selling e-liquids wholesale? Here are some testimonials from business owners who have sold Lifted Liquids and know first-hand how high quality our products are.

“I have been selling Lifted liquids for over a year. I have to say this juice has truly "Lifted" my shop to another level! Nick is a great guy who goes out of his way to make sure I am taken care of. He responds every time I contact him and sends my order incredibly fast! I can see the passion he has for what he does. I can taste the love he puts into making the Lifted product, I love the whole line up! I may be my best customer! Lifted is my best selling e-juice by far! I recommend Lifted to any shop that wants a better than premium juice for a fair price.“ Jesse, The Vape Spot, Waterford, WI

“Lifted liquids is one of the best juice lines that really push the limit when it comes to flavor selection, quality, and smooth taste in the max VG line people are craving! They are our only 100% VG baseline we offer currently and the response has been amazing! Their latest flavors have really pushed this line to the top of our big hitter's list and they keep coming with what people are looking for. The level of flavor and satisfying vapor is unlike any juice I have had to offer in the store yet.

This company is one of the best to work within the industry. Juice is consistent, quality is apparent and orders are ALWAYS on time. They are always looking for ways to improve and look for our input. They adapt to the market quickly and offer unique flavors that the market is missing. They also offer custom flavors that you can work with them to create and they can implement them in a very short period of time. I like having that custom option so I can expand the line for more of what our customers are looking for. Give them a try, absolutely one of the hottest juice lines for 2015!” Shawn, Vape Scene, IL

“Working with Lifted Liquids is hands down the most pleasant experience I continue to have while dealing with wholesalers. Aside from how well the juice flies off the shelves at my shop, it has every customer leaving with a smile and contains some of the most quality flavors and ingredients, it has been an overall wonderful experience working with Nick. The Lifted team is professional, fun and truly cares about the people and places their products go to. My orders come quickly -almost always the day after the order was placed and they are always correct and packaged to perfection. Lifted Liquids has made my wholesaling life easier through communication and fast response rates, which is so important when there's never any downtime in shop life. It has most certainly taken my shop to a new level with the most delicious dripping e-Liquid.” Tori, The Vapour Lounge, Wausau, WI

“My experience with Lifted Liquids has been First Class; their line has been a top seller in my shop for over three months! Personalized customer service, great product line, and responsiveness to my customer's wants have really made the difference for us at The Switch Vape. Coming down to San Antonio and spending a day with us gave them great insight to what our needs are and gave us a tremendous insight to where they are taking their organization. I loved the way they interacted with us and our customers as well. It was a first time experience for my customer base to meet and talk to the owners and designers of a line of e-juice they have grown to love. Additionally, they have gotten behind every event we have sponsored from cloud competitions to charity events within the local community. I am not surprised to see how they have grown over the last year having interacted with them and seeing just how many other shops they have gone out and visited.“ Rich, The Switch Vape, San Antonio, Tx

“Imagine your life without cigarettes, but, yet, you still pretend that you are smoking them! I discovered all that when I quit smoking about a half and a pack a day for over 20yrs, and started vaping Lifted Liquids, Kewl Tobacco. It doesn't have that overpowering menthol flavor, or that fake tobacco taste that other e-juices possess. Kewl Tobacco is a truly satisfying all day vape!” Diane, Schaumburg, IL

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