Vaping Vitamins: Fad or Future?

by Nick Warrender on October 08, 2018

In the last year, we have seen a few companies dabble around with idea inhaling vitamins. Considering the constant changes and progression within the vape community, it’s not much of a surprise to see these companies taking a more medicinal stance to approaching the vape market. Will this new plight be more than a fancy concept? Only time and experience will tell. But, if Flinstones vitamin vape is in our near future, consider me sold.

The idea of being able to take your daily vitamins while vaping on one of your favorite flavors is a weird one, without a doubt. While it’s a little far-fetched, the idea is still intriguing and we will most likely see more and more companies attempting to hop on the vita-vape hype train.

The main vitamin that is being, so to say, experimented with is B-12. Now, of course vaping in itself does not have the amount of research needed to be conclusive yet, due to the lack of time we’ve had to understand and study the effect of long-term vaping. “We really don’t know what the long-term effects of vaping is going to be. It’s a relatively new trend and we haven’t seen enough data in long-term users to determine what the health effects are going to be,” explicated by Dr. Adam Lackey, chief of thoracic surgery at Staten Island University Hospital. With this being said, research on if vaping vitamins is effective, safe, and overall worth it will only be unveiled with time.

Stay tuned for more hot topics and current events in the vape industry, this is our future!