Vaping is Taking Over the World, One Country at a Time

by Nick Warrender on February 19, 2018

Vaping and e-cigarettes have taken some time to catch on around the world, but finally, it has exploded into the smoke scene. Although for us vapers, sometimes it can seem lonely. Those who only may know one or two vapers think it’s some underground movement, and assume that no one else does it but a select few. And sometimes, it can even feel that way for us too.

When you smoke cigarettes, socializing is easy. There are smokers everywhere, and when you smoke you can smell it a mile away. People come running to light up with you. Vape users don’t have this though, and it’s not uncommon to be the only person in your group who vapes. Fortunately, vaping is now more popular than ever, and growing bigger by the day. Those who do vape now belong to a special club, a global club, that includes MILLIONS of other members.

According to the CDC, there are currently around 9 million vape users in the United States alone!

…and according to the Euro monitor International, the United States makes up 43.2% of the world’s total vape users.

If you take that there are around 9 million vape users in the United States, and that’s 43.2% of the market, that means there are at least 20.8 MILLION vape users across the world. And while global e-cigarette and vape users grow, the laws and environment in each area affect this growth significantly.

How About North America?

The United States has the world’s largest vape market, with over 9 million users spending over $3.7 billion per year on vaporizers, e-liquids, e-cigarettes, and accessories. The CDC estimates that roughly 3.7% of the country’s adults currently use e-cigarettes either every day or occasionally. Vaping laws vary greatly from state to state, but by federal guidelines, the electronic cigarettes and their associated products must be regulated as tobacco products. THANKS, BIG TOBACCO!

The Canadian vape market is estimated between 308,000 and 946,00 vape users according to a study by Waterloo. Their estimations fall between people who had used a vape within the last 30 days (946,000) and those who reported daily use (308,000). Canada has very few federal restrictions in regards to vaping, and all laws are at a local level for provinces and municipalities.

Regarding Mexico, no studies have been published regarding the number of users of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, but their laws can also seem inconsistent and confusing, making it hard to track. It is legal to vape in Mexico and there are no restrictions regarding the use of electronic cigarettes, however, there are very strict restrictions regarding the sale, trade, distribution, production and promotion of any non-tobacco products. Remember, this isn’t the United States where it’s considered a tobacco product!

How About Europe?

The largest vape community in Europe is… you guessed it… the United Kingdom. Seeing a pattern here? The UK has around 2.8 million vape users which have grown 4x since 2012 when there were only 700,000 vape users in the country. The e-cigarette has become one of the fastest growing products across supermarkets by volume and value in the UK with a 50% year-over-year increase at around 17.3 million units sold in 2016.

The Russians are also big vape users, with over 1.5 million, over 1,000 e-cigarette shops and over 200 vape cafes where you can try your hardware and juices. Plus, you can easily find them around Moscow by using

France, Italy, and Poland are also big on vape map with roughly 10.6 to 13 million general and regular users of e-cigarettes, vape and related products.

So the next time you think you’re alone, remember, you’re part of a cultural movement. You’re a part of a special group of people who share a common passion around the world. And if you want to be a part of the Lifted Liquids vape crew, join us today.

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