Vaping at Work?

by Nick Warrender on March 08, 2018

As vaping and the use of e-cigarettes continues to rise, the rules surrounding them become more and more solidified. In the workplace, some companies have decided to not allow use while working, while others have flat out banned vaping entirely on company property!

It’s surprising, but some people still haven’t heard of vaping, and most people definitely don’t know how they work. Say you’re a vice president of a company, and one day you see clouds coming from an employee at their desk—what the f*ck? Is someone really smoking indoors? You’re likely to react very poorly to this scenario because of all the information on second-hand smoke from cigarettes. You may not even give your employee a chance to explain that vaping is nothing like smoking, and there aren’t the same kinds of risks that cigarettes have.

This brings us to our point: the e-cigarette industry and proponents have a lot of educating to do!

Education is the main factor in continuing the success of vaping, growing the fan base, and expanding its use in locations like the workplace. If the VP already knew about e-cigarettes, vaping, and the differences between it and smoking traditional cigarettes, his reaction to an employee using it may have been much more positive. He would know they don’t produce any smoke, no lasting smell, and no second-hand smoke. He would realize it helps his employee to stay productive and keeps them from taking breaks to go outside to fill their nicotine cravings. Time is money, right?

Yeah... yeah, I know that scenario seems pretty exaggerated, but it’s unfortunately, a common occurrence in offices around the United States. Not every company is like this, of course. There are some companies out there willing to listen and learn about what e-cigarettes and vaping are all about.

Some companies have had to increase the insurance plans of those who use tobacco by 10%, and have begun to take steps to aid their employees in quitting smoking. What better way than with vaping? If you want to show them, here are [5 reasons how vaping can help you quit smoking](

Help your company or employer blaze a trail (haha) that others will hopefully follow! Educate them on vaping and it’s benefits, and especially on smoking cessation to help increase productivity in the workplace. Help them set an excellent example for thousands of other companies to follow who all have employees that smoke—and vape! A wider professional acceptance of vaping will help the community grow in ways consumers can only dream of! Stay optimistic, even in the face of harsh criticism and setbacks.

Are you allowed to vape at work? We’d love to know what your employer thinks.

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