Top 5 Cities to Vape in the U.S.

by Nick Warrender on February 27, 2018

#5: Las Vegas, Nevada

Coming in at Number 5 on our list is a little place called Las Vegas. Guess how many vape laws and regulations there are in Nevada? You may or may not be surprised when I say: zero. At least according to And the folks over at Halo were cool enough to put this graphic below together showing states across the US and how restrictive they are for vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

Las Vegas has almost 50 local vape spots and is home to the Vape Summit, a yearly event held at the city’s convention center. Plus, Las Vegas has a vape-friendly airport… but really, who needs an extra reason to head to Vegas? I know I don’t, but if you’re looking for a cool place to vape, head out to Nevada.

#4: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Yup, this may be a shocker, but Tulsa, Oklahoma has a growing and passionate community of vapers growing. Public vaping is allowed anywhere except near schools and on state property, and despite having only about 1% of the population of the United States, Oklahoma has 6% of the vape, e-cigarette, e-liquid and accessory retail stores in America.

You also might not realize why Oklahoma would be a hot place to vape, but it could be because the state has one of the highest smoking rates in the US. And we think vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking.

#3: Seattle, Washington

If you love coffee like we do, then you’ll want to make your next trip over to Seattle. In 2017, WalletHub ranked it as the #1 Best Coffee City in America with some pretty detailed criteria. And I don’t know about you, but Cloud Cake and coffee is one of the best ways to start your day.

Plus, Seattle has never been afraid to combine alternative cultures with mainstream lifestyles, so you won’t have a problem hanging out and doing you. With more than 150 vape shops and several nightclubs and bars that welcome the vaping community, you’ll have no problem finding a place to chill. Vaping is allowed while walking the streets and in many of the beautiful parks around the city. Plus, vapers can roam freely without the fear of getting a fine from the local police.

#2: Virginia Beach, Virginia

No bans on public vaping. That should be reason enough to visit the chill town of Virginia Beach where you can hit up that perfect seaside spot. Even though there are less than 500k people there, they have a surprisingly large number of vape-friendly restaurants and nightclubs. One spot you must check out is the Farm Bureau Live, a 20,000 seat outdoor auditorium with unrestricted vaping with live bands right on the beach. Nothing better! And make sure to check out Mango’s too if you love live music.

#1: Denver, Colorado

I’m sure you’re shocked to see Colorado at the #1 spot on our list—right? While we all know vaping on government property is banned, Denver currently has zero laws on the books that restrict vaping in other venues. Business owners even get to make the decision themselves about allowing public vaping or not. The city has a wide variety of nightclubs, restaurants and privately-owned locations that market their businesses specifically to the e-cigarette and vaping community.

Denver and the surrounding area have more than 150 vape shops filled with the latest box mods, mechanical mods, e-liquid blends, vape pens and accessories on the market. Plus, you can grab some of our newest blends to bring along with you and show your new friends.

Visit the Mile High City today, and keep growing it as one of the best vaping locations in America.

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