Tips to Maximize the Life of Your E-cigarette

by Nick Warrender on April 03, 2018

E-cigarettes consist of a number of smaller components. Over time, these parts become dirty or worn out and can cause your device to not work properly, or at all. With regular cleaning and simple maintenance, you can keep your e-cig working in great condition longer.

Disassembling your E-cigarette

While E-cigarette types vary widely, they all contain the same essential elements. And with the exception of disposable e-cigs, they can usually be disassembled into their various components. Every e-cigarette contains a battery, an atomizer of some kind, a heating coil, a tank where the liquid is stored, and a mouthpiece. In order to clean and perform maintenance on your e-cigarette, you’ll need to start by disassembling it.

Battery maintenance

Most e-cigarettes use a lithium ion battery similar to what your smartphone uses so that it can be recharged many times. If your e-cig isn’t working properly, it could be because the contacts between the battery and the atomizer are dirty. Cleaning those contacts with a cotton swab can solve your problems. If that doesn’t work, it may be that your battery is no longer holding a charge very well and will need to be replaced. To maximize the life of your e-cig’s battery in the future, make sure you’re allowing the battery to use its complete charge before charging it back up to 100%.

Keep it clean

Residue can build up in the various components of your e-cigarette. Over time, this will give your vape juice an unpleasant taste and it can prevent your device from working properly. You can safely wash all of the components (minus your battery of course) with hot water. Let them dry completely before using your e-cigarette again.

Replace parts as needed

The heating coil inside the atomizer is designed to be thrown out and replaced as they wear out. Vape mods are designed to be modular as their name implies so that you can customize and swap out parts as they wear out or just when you want to try something new.

Never dry burn

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of inhaling on your e-cig when there isn’t any liquid in the tank, you probably don’t need to be told this. Not only does it taste foul, it’s bad for the longevity of your e-cig as well. Get in the habit of making sure you have enough liquid in the tank before using it if you don’t have a clear tank that lets you see the liquid level.