The FDA Launches Anti-Vaping Campaign

by Nick Warrender on September 20, 2018

A lot of buzz right now...

The FDA sent warning letters to 5 of the largest vaporizer companies, 3 which just so happen to be owned by Big Tobacco. šŸ¤” Most of these products aren't even available in vape shops, other than Juul of course. Have you ever seen a Blu or a VuseĀ in a vape shop?Ā 

The FDA is calling youth vaping an "epidemic" andĀ has given these 5 companies 60 days to roll out a plan to keep products out of the hands of the youth, and threaten to take them off the market and ban flavors across the board. Apparently teen smoking wasn't a big enough epidemic to take cigarettes off the market, or even require them to have ingredient listings and massive warnings. So what are the real facts?

We've known about youth drinking for how many years now? šŸ¤”

.001% of vape shops inspected sold to the youth..

Perhaps the solution is banning vape products from C stores like Walmart, WalgreensĀ and gas stations, because Vape shops have done a phenomenal job regulating underage sales.Ā 

One last thing... Who's the real villain here?

Tobacco stocks have had their largest increase in stocks in years since the FDA released these warning letters. But the numbers show that Big Tobacco (BT) is causing the issue in the vape industry, coincidental? Ā Perhaps the most disturbing fact is that the majority of the companies are owned by BT, which raises the billion $ question, why would they comply with the FDA to keep the vapor industry alive if the death only benefits them? The FDA has put the livelihood of the vaping industry in the hands of Big Tobacco. Sure makes one wonder who's looking out for who here.Ā 

The new FDA campaign demonstrates the dangers of vaping, if somehow vaping causes exploding veins or parasites moving through your body; the video looks like something out of an episode of "monsters inside me". The FDA commissioner states they have data showing Ā vaping numbers of epidemic proportion, numbers which are not currently available to the public. Ā but according to the CDC, youth vaping rates have increase 1.5% in 5 years. A stat that holds even more weight is over those 5 years, there was a 16% decrease in high school combustible tobacco use. The real epidemic here is a younger generation is quitting smoking by using products that are proven to be farm more safe.Ā