The A to Z of Vaping

by Nick Warrender on March 02, 2018

Around Us

When you see someone on the street puffing at a vape pen, do you ever stop and think, “Damn, that looks cool!” Yeah, we don’t either. But when you see people like Johnny Depp, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jack Nicholson doing it—some of us start to change our opinions of it. It’s pretty clear social pressures affect vaping just like it did smoking regular cigarettes.

Here’s an interesting fact: Vaporizers were given out as gifts to celebrities at the 2016 Academy Awards.


Have you ever heard of Comic Con, New York City Comic Con or WonderCon? You may be surprised to know vaping has it’s own conventions cropping up, with Vapefest being one of the most popular. Another great event is VAPEVENT held in Brooklyn, which we will be at March 22nd & 23rd. Come check us out at Booth G7.

Harmful or Not?

The debate over vaping being harmful or not, good or bad, has gone on since it was first commercialized in the 1980’s. Lately, though, vaping has become quite popular around the world—especially in the United States—and a lot of people around the world are turning to it as a way to quit smoking. What’s been learned along the way so far?

A study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research released data taken from an ongoing web-based smoking cessation trial of 2,123 people over 3-months, providing follow-up every 30-days, showed that 31.7% of participants reported using a vaporizer to quit in the previous 3 months. The most interesting point about the test was that during the follow-up, vape users made more of an effort to quit smoking and took more cessation aids than smokers who did not use vaporizers to quit.

Here’s an interesting fact: 20% of Americans use an e-cigarette or vaporizer once a day.

Social Media

Social media plays a big role in the vaping and e-cigarette world, too. It’s a part of everyday life now—from sharing our happiest moments to some of our worst. Vaping itself has grown across the Internet and social media in a huge way—just look at the Google Trend for people searching the term “vape”:


And this chart is people searching the word “vape” in blue and searching the word “cigarette” in red—shows very clearly how well vaping is crushing traditional cigarettes:


Facebook used to have hundreds of vaping groups, but they are cracking down on them and in a way labeling them as something negative. But there are still big groups, with the biggest one having over 81,000 members. Facebook can’t deny the vape community of it’s presence across social media.

What is Vaping?

First, you need to get to know the different kind of vaporizers out there before diving deeper into the vape world.

The basic concept for vaping is, “The act of inhaling water vapor from an electronic cigarette or e-cig.”

This vapor is a gaseous form of an e-liquid—which may or may not contain nicotine and comes in many amazing flavors. Unlike smoking, the vapor looks very thick and smells like the flavor being smoked—usually like candy or sweets—rather than the nasty smell of burning nicotine and other chemicals.

Vaping Etiquette?

Don’t be a dick. But really, what are some of the rules and guidelines we should follow to be a gentleman or lady when we’re vaping? First off, you shouldn’t vape indoors unless you’re in a permitted and vape-friendly location or you’ve asked explicit permission. Second, blowing vapor in people’s faces is always unacceptable, just as it was, and still is, with regular cigarettes. Third, never ever vape around children.

Here’s an interesting fact: The word “vape” was the Word of the Year in 2014.

And here’s a quick reference list to stay respectful when you vape:

  • Don’t vape indoors
  • Don’t blow your vapor in people’s faces
  • Seek permission to vape in close proximity to others
  • Don’t vape around children
  • Don’t be a “vape snob” and think you’re superior
  • Don’t leave your equipment unattended
  • Use common sense and be considerate

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