San Francisco Business Owners Seek Restitution In Light Of Impending Flavor Ban

by Nick Warrender on October 29, 2018

San Francisco smoke and vapor shops have already begun to see a negative effect on sales due to the impending flavor ban as they gear up for a cold, flavorless, Winter. Many businesses are in severe distress, and are on the brink of either having to adapt to these new restrictions, or to find a substitute product to keep their doors open. Some businesses have even attempted to seek restitution for all of the vapor/tobacco products that they will not be able to sell, come January 2019.

So far, the city has agreed to buying back permits for tobacco shops that are going out of business. Other business owners would like to see their vapor shops being converted into cannabis dispensaries, since their shops already require you to be 21+ to enter, most do not hold a liquor reseller’s license, and most shop owners are looking for a profitable substitute for selling flavored tobacco products.

Until January 2019, shops will be allowed to sell off the remainder of their inventory to get rid of soon-to-be banned products. Only time will tell if San Francisco is ready to brace these new regulations. Depending on the result, we might begin to see other cities or counties attempting to implement these same type of restrictions.