Maryland Imposes Law That Makes Selling Vapor Products To Minors A Criminal Offense

by Nick Warrender on October 17, 2018

In the past, if you sold a vape pen to a 17 year old in Maryland, it was only considered a civil offense. That has now changed with the latest law that Maryland has implemented, making selling vapor products to a minor a criminal offense instead.

Monetary penalties will be administered to anyone found guilty of selling vapor products to a minor, and the amount will be increased if there is a repeat offense within a 24-month period.

Todd Crum, the Prevention Program  Administrator for the Frederick County Health Department, explicated, “Both violations include penalties of $300 for a first offense; $1,000 for the second offense within a 24-month period; and $3,000 for each subsequent offense within a 24- month period.”

This latest implementation is another step forward in the efforts of eradicating underage vaping. Of course, there will always be the tempting urge to act rebelliously, or to explore the unexplored at an early age. We were all guilty of feeling curious as a kid, but one thing that is not acceptable is selling vapor products that contain nicotine to an underaged kid. Maryland, along with others aligned with Maryland’s stance, are happy to see the state taking progressive steps to discourage and penalize enablers looking to make a quick buck on underaged vaping.