JUUL Goes After Patent Infringing Products

by Nick Warrender on October 05, 2018

JUUL Labs has 18 different manufacturers of pod vapes underneath the magnifying glass at the moment, due to claims that they have violated patents and copied designs of the JUUL’s mouth to lung device.

Devices in Jeopardy seen below:

  • Bo One
  • Bo+
  • Eonsmoke Device
  • Eonsmoke v2.0 Device
  • Eonsmoke Pods Pack
  • 4X Pods Pack
  • Ziip Starter Kit
  • Plus Pods Pack
  • Xfire Device Kit
  • Xfire Pods Kit
  • Flair Xtreme Starter Kit
  • Myle Starter Kit
  • Pulse Starter Kit
  • 3X Pods Pack

In the last two years, we have seen a massive shift in the vape industry, largely being credited to JUUL Labs and their innovation widely known as the mouth to lung device. The mouth to lung device’s general sleek appearance and more simplified accessibility is just the icing on the proverbial cake. The effectiveness of the mouth to lung device is the real reason why it has become more than a contender in such a short amount of time. Mouth to lung devices streamline the consumption of nicotine as less nicotine is burned away while the device is firing, as well as the mouth to lung device’s normality and ability to offer a much higher nicotine milligram level. The popularity of the JUUL has created a wake of other companies with similar devices, all wanting a slice of the mouth to lung device’s success. JUUL Labs, being not too fond of the recent success of the mouth to lung competitors, looks to ensure their unwavering success for the near future with their latest moves.