Ivanka Trump Tested Some Vape Juice… and It Went Viral

by Nick Warrender on March 26, 2018

Sometimes the Internet delivers some unexpected stories, but recently this is at the top of our list. Apparently, Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, decided to go on a trip to a high school in Iowa as part of Infrastructure Week.

It was a job training and science facility, where she participated in a number of experiments, including testing the nicotine content of vape juice, used in electronic cigarettes while wearing a lab coat and safety goggles…


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And of course the Internet responded in kind with a caption contest on Reddit. Here are some of our favorites:

Then we started to think about which flavor might be Ivanka’s favorite. Does she seem more like a Strawberry Blueberry Banana kind of lady?

Maybe a Cloud Cake kind of gal?


What do you think her favorite Lifted Liquids flavor is?

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