How to Quit Smoking by Vaping

by Nick Warrender on April 02, 2018

Vaping is an especially effective cessation method that is allowing thousands to finally give up smoking after years of failed attempts. Unlike other cessation methods which can wean you off the nicotine, vaping is the only one that mimics the hand-to-mouth motions of traditional smoking. It’s also considerably cheaper and doesn’t require a prescription as many other products designed to help you quit smoking do. If you’re considering getting into vaping for the purpose of kicking your smoking habit, then the following tips can help.

Spend more initially to get stocked up

Think of it as an investment. Cost analysis studies have consistently found that vaping is cheaper than smoking. Vaping can save a pack-a-day smoker up to $4,000 each year. Vaping however, requires an initial investment that can be off-putting. If you’re going to be vaping to quit smoking then it’s crucial you’re never without a vaporizer, eLiquid, and enough battery power. Some have found it helpful to have a backup vaporizer in case you accidentally leave one in the office. Having plenty of eLiquids, some spare coils, and a backup battery for occasions where you may not be able to charge up your vaporizer can decrease the temptation to go back to cigarettes in a moment of weakness. Remember that the higher upfront costs associated with vaping will quickly be offset by not smoking.

Start with eLiquids that have higher nicotine levels

Even vaping juices with the highest nicotine levels won’t give you as much nicotine in a single puff as a cigarette can. Starting off with eLiquids that don’t have a high enough nicotine dosage won’t satisfy you and you’ll find yourself drawn back to cigarettes rather quickly. When you’re motivated to quit smoking you might be tempted to start cutting out the nicotine too quickly. It’s more effective to start with a higher amount of nicotine and gradually move to eLiquids with less and less nicotine.

Make the jump to zero nicotine eLiquids

If the goal is to quit smoking then eventually you’ll have to take the last step of giving up nicotine altogether. Luckily, you can get any Lifted Liquids vaping juice flavor with zero nicotine so you don’t have to give up vaping your favorite flavor to kick your nicotine habit. Many who quit smoking by vaping continue to vape long afterwards. Since vaping is far cheaper than smoking and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in smoking cigarettes, vaping is a perfectly viable long-term solution to staying off cigarettes.

Don’t be discouraged by relapse

There’s no correct timetable for quitting smoking. Some can quit right away and never look back. Others will relapse occasionally during a particularly stressful time. If you need to go back to cigarettes for a time, then start over with vaping juices with higher nicotine levels and begin the process of gradually decreasing your nicotine intake again.