How Lifted Liquids Grew from a 0 to 6-Figure a Month Business in 18 Months!

by Nick Warrender on March 12, 2018

Back in 2016, I interviewed with Kunle Campbell of the Physical Product Business podcast. I wanted to share it with the community here so you can hear where I came from, and how Lifted Liquids became an “overnight” success.

I started with a $900 investment in April 2015 and was able to grow my business to a 6-figure a month business in just 18 months.

For those who don’t know, Lifted Liquids specializes in wholesaling and retailing e-liquids; helping people break the deadly addiction to traditional cigarettes by offering a 95% healthier and 40% less expensive proven alternative.

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Turning something tragic into something that can push you to succeed.
  • Advertising without shelling out a huge amount of money for it.
  • Knowing when it is time to grow and which path to grow to.
  • Using the phone to generate wholesale deals if you are a manufacturer.
  • Creating a team that supports each other without competing.

My Top Tips:

There will come a time when small daily tasks will turn into larger things. It grows as much as you are ready for it. This is the time that you have to ask yourself, “Ok, what do I have to do to make this bigger?”

You will lose people. There will be people who will not understand why you are never around and why you are busy and that you don’t have time for them anymore. This will give you a chance to meet people who will see where you are at and feel where you are at.

Instagram can be a good starting point. You will be able to build your clientele and you will be able to directly talk to them.

Each channel is different. Some are small while some are bigger. Concentrating on how you can enlist distributors to reach these channels is a good idea.

Making people feel that they are on the same team, rather than making them compete against each is a big factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Parting Advice The Lightning Round

Hiring People: I hire people based on past experiences.

Indispensable Values: For me, the most indispensable values that one must have to be successful are honesty, openness, and consistency.

Best Mistake: I think that working with friends was the biggest mistake I committed.

Key Takeaways (with timestamps)

(5:45) What you need to succeed.

(7:15) How to get to where you need to go.

(7:55) How to create balance when people leave you and do not understand your business.

(15:33) It gets easier if you dominate your local market first. Do one-on-one marketing.

(20:48) Create a family behind your company.

And, if you want to keep in touch, or share your story with us, join the Lifted Liquids crew today.

- Nick Warrender, CEO & Founder, Lifted Liquids