Gottlieb Makes Statement On Future Enforcements From FDA

by Nick Warrender on November 06, 2018

The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, recently released a statement on how the FDA plans on enforcing new, and old rules to keep vapor products out of the hands of minors. Most of what he exclaimed is already reported information, but there are some new key points in what he stated.

For the e-cigarette industry, my message was simple: Step up. Even as the FDA builds a framework to mandate additional restrictions and actions to address these trends, we welcome voluntary steps by companies to address these concerns. I asked five manufacturers whose products, collectively, represent more than 97 percent of the current market for closed-system e-cigarettes to meet with me personally to discuss this vital public health challenge, as well as to submit written plans outlining the steps they intend to take to confront the rising trends in youth use. Each of these companies market products that recently had been sold illegally to minors, either through brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers. Everyone involved in this market has a shared responsibility to address this public health crisis.”

Gottlieb addresses how he contacted the most influential companies in the e-cigarette industry, telling them in other words, to be more vigilant and to speak up about problems that might exist in the industry today. Another key point to take away from this excerpt is that we will soon see vapor products being limited to vapor shops only, while making them illegal to sell in brick-and-mortar stores. Also, we are seeing a lot of counties raising the age required to purchase tobacco products up to 21 instead of 18.

With all of this said, it seems as we are taking the necessary and reasonable steps towards enforcing limitations that will reduce underaged vaping, while still being able to offer these products to the people that actually are benefiting from this alternative to smoking.