A Quick Guide to Ohm’s and Vaping

by Nick Warrender on March 15, 2018

Yeah, I know, you just want to vape, you don’t want a science lesson.

And you don’t need it, because so many vape pens, e-cigarettes and accessories are already designed to give you a perfect vape with ease. BUT, if you do want to learn more about how the vape is generated, or want to go deeper with advanced vaping and begin building your own coils—you’ll need a working knowledge of Ohm’s Law.

It’s simple: The wire you use has electrical resistance, meaning it lowers the amount of power going through it. This is measured in Ohms and the lower the wire’s resistance, the higher the coils power output will be. Just imagine your wire is a highway and resistance is traffic—the more traffic, the slower you will be able to travel. You want that current to fly through the wire like Justin Bieber on I-95!

Ohm’s Law: The relationship between the battery, the wire’s resistance, and the current is governed by Ohm’s Law—and it’s simpler than it seems.

This image below, Ohm’s Law, allows you to calculate one of three things—voltage, current, or resistance—as long as you know the other two.

(V) = Voltage or Volts

(I) = Current or Amps

(R) = Resistance or Ohms

The most important calculation for vapers is: Current = Voltage / Resistance.

Once you know V (Voltage) and I (Current), you multiply them together to find your watts (power).

Now, how does any of this apply to you, as an advanced vaper?

You just built a new coil for your device and you’ve used an ohm reader to find out it measures its resistance (R) to be 0.5 ohms. You know your 4.2 volt battery is fully charged and you want to know the wattage your new device will be running at.

Simple: 4.2 (volts) / 0.5 (ohms) = 8.4 (amps)

You had the volts (V) and the ohms (R) so you could easily calculate the amps (I)!

Watts = Current * Voltage.

Wattage = 8.4 * 4.2 = 35.28 watts

It’s really that simple!

Why are watts important? Watts = vapor!

Most people think in terms of watts when we think of heating equipment. It’s better to think about it in terms of vapor, not power. For example, every time you double your wattage, you double the amount of liquid you vape with each puff. So, understanding how the wattage works is the most important thing for vapers who want more control.

Make sure you get your wattage right so you can enjoy some Pineapple Express, Cloud Cake, and Peaches n’ Cream with a smooth hit and a fat cloud.

Happy vaping friends.

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