5 Don’ts for New Vapers

by Nick Warrender on March 21, 2018

Last time we talked about 5 Do’s for New Vapers, so this time we’re covering what NOT to do. Read this one extra carefully. It’s not worth it to make mistakes others have who are willing to share the wisdom.


  1. Buy cheap vaping products

When you decide you’re going to start vaping you’re going to start off by purchasing an e-cigarette and at least one flavor of e-juice. Make sure you’re purchasing these from trusted shops online or in-person and make sure you understand how to use them.

Many people forget the golden rule: You get what you pay for.

So, we know this may come as a surprise to some, but if you’re going to skimp on the price you’re also going to lose out on the experience. Want crappy flavors? Go for the lower priced stuff. Want a premium taste that will satisfy and leave you feeling good? Check out our Best Selling Collection of high-quality flavors with ingredients sourced from around the world.

Don’t put your entire vaping experience at risk because you didn’t make a wise investment in your vaping products and accessories. Spend a little extra, and you will find it goes a long way in satisfaction.

  1. Blend flavors

Remember, this is the DON’T section. DO NOT blend flavors. Yeah, in theory the awesome tropical blend of Flamango sounds like it would pair nicely with Pineapple Express… but trust us, it will not. Plus, you’ll have wasted two amazing flavors of e-juice and you’ll have to clean out your tank and start over. Lose-lose.

Get into the habit of cleaning out your tank whenever you change your e-juice flavor so there’s no gross flavor blending occurring, even unintentionally or on a small scale. It’s never worth it. Leave the blending of flavors to us!

  1. Vape dirty

Inside of an e-cig device is a coil, and they don’t stay clean forever. You’ll likely only get a week or two out of your coil, and it’ll need to be cleaned before then, so don’t allow it to get gunked up. It’ll affect the taste of your e-juices, no matter how premium they are. Just imagine if you had the finest liquor, whatever you flavor… rum, vodka, whiskey… doesn’t matter. Now imagine the most high-dollar top shelf stuff you can find… and put it in a dirty glass, with dirty ice and drink it through a dirty straw—disgusting.

Make sure you are cleaning your coils regularly and replacing them when necessary. This goes back to the point about being cheap. Don’t do it. Vaping clean is the only way to experience consistent vaping every time you pick up your e-cig.

  1. Take dry hits

This is the nemesis of vapers across the globe! It occurs when you don’t have enough juice running through your coil and it results in an awful taste that will burn the back of your throat.

Before you take a hit, check the level of your e-juice and make sure there is enough in the coil to keep it moist. At the first sign of a low e-juice level, you should refill right away before you vape any more. If you don’t take this advice, you’ll have to learn the hard way, because after you get that dry hit once or twice, you’ll avoid it at all costs in the future.

  1. Be a jerk

Again, this is the DON’T list. DON’T BE A JERK. Let us repeat that: DON’T BE A JERK. The vaping community has been battling a bad reputation for many years, and we are making strides in global acceptance. But a few bad apples make us look bad and cause people to give us shady looks whenever we pull out our e-cig in public.

Don’t add to the negativity. You aren’t better than anyone else because you vape. We welcome everyone to learn about vaping, but don’t support those who drag the community down by being a tough guy or gal. Just be chill, be polite, and be respectful of others.

And, if you want to keep in touch, or share your story with us, join the Lifted Liquids crew today.

- Lifted Liquids